Welcome to Mill Street Properties, the solution to all your self storage needs!

boxes small newThere will come a time in everyone’s life when we all need that extra bit of space to store our possessions. Maybe you are buying a new home and are literally between house sales, or perhaps your hobby has outgrown the garden shed and garage and you need more room. There are multiple reasons when that extra storage space is the only answer.

Here at Mill Street Properties we have storage units that start from 10 metres square to an impressive 36 metres square, all of the units have keys and secure locks with some offering the option to add your own padlocks and extra security to the unit.

Here are some of the common questions we receive from our customers

Q. I have a business Can I store my office equipment temporarily?
A. Yes you can, it's not just public storage but for businesses too, and we are happy to accommodate any request.

Q. I live in Leyland...are there any storage units near me?
A. We are situated in Leyland at Mill Street, Seven Stars PR25 1TT only 6 miles away from Preston City Centre.

Q. I'm looking for short term storage, do you provide that option?
A. Yes, we have short lets available on all our units.

Q. Can I access my storage at any time, even out of normal business hours?
A. Of course, you have 24hrs access to your unit via your access key.

Q. How safe and secure are the units?
A. All of our units are secured behind a strong steel access gate that has a coded padlock, we do provide keys and locks on the units but if you wish to use your own security measures we can advise on some of the better options to cover liability.

Q. What facilities are there at Mill Street Properties Limited?
A. Unfortunately there are no utilities available, such as power or water.

Q. Do you handle insurance of my contents in the units?
A. No, we ask that all tenants make their own arrangements for insurance and security to the value of their possessions.

Q. Where can I park my vehicle when loading and unloading items?
A. We suggest as near to your unit as possible and not to obstruct other tenants in the shared open space or in front of the main gate.

Q. How quiet is the area?
A. We try to live peacefully with our neighbours and ask that our tenants honour this request. No noisy maintenance on vehicles is allowed, however routine service work is permitted during daylight hours. Commercial servicing of vehicles is Strictly Prohibited.

Q. Are there any extra admin charges I have to pay for self storage?
A. No, but we do ask for a security deposit redeemable at the end of tenancy once all legal requirements are satisfied.

Q. Can I view the storage unit before I decide?
A. Yes, Contact Ken Linford directly on 07831 840123 and one of our staff will be happy to assist you with the viewing.

Q. What items are prohibited from storage units?
A. Some items are just common sense but here is a list of the top most items that cannot be stored in a storage unit.

• No live or dead animal (unless treated by a taxidermist).
• No persons are allowed to use the unit for any residential purposes.
• Plants need light, food and water and should be kept elsewhere, gardening supplies are acceptable.
• No hazardous chemicals or waste, this includes domestic chemicals that are flammable or corrosive.
• Food or anything perishable. Anything rotting will attract vermin. This includes containers that have previously stored strong smelling food.
• No firearms or Explosives (this includes fireworks).
• Money stored in a unit is not covered by insurance policies.

Initially contact Mill Street Properties Storage on 07831 840123 to explain what you want to store and for how long. We can arrange a meeting at our office at 252 Leyland Lane, Leyland PR25 1TT. Details of our tenancies can be explained in full along with any items that may be prohibited. 

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In the first instance ring Ken Linford on:

M: 07831 840123 or T: 01772 621435