keys newOur unit sizes vary between 5m² (e.g. suitable for motorbikes) up to 36m². Some are lockable with keys provided. Others will have provision for you to use your own padlocks

All our storage facilities are available for short lettings. Access is available 24 hours. If there any problems, there is nearby office and a fast access phone number

The garages / units are situated at Mill Street, Seven Stars, Leyland PR25 1TT. Access is secured via a strong steel gate with a coded padlock. There is no power or water facilities. To agree with not disturbing the peace law we ask that noisy maintenance on vehicles is not encouraged, however routine service work is allowed during normal business hours. Commercial vehicle servicing is strictly NOT permitted. Vehicles parked in open space is NOT allowed because of obstruction to other users and maintain security access. We ask that tenants arrange their own security and insurance regarding their unit.

Get in Touch

In the first instance ring Ken Linford on:

M: 07831 840123 or T: 01772 621435